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With such a grandiose title one would think that this would be the place to learn all about Green Roof Cleaning, but unfortunately on the RCIA forum "Green" is a dirty word.

To understand why this is you have to look at the history of the RCIA and look at the who is behind it. The RCIA was originally formed by Chris Tucker of Apple Roof Cleaning as a way of marketing his business.

Chris is a staunch supporter of chemical roof cleaning in fact it is the only method he uses and recommends on the RCIA forum website.

His chemical roof cleaning recipe aptly named "Apple Sauce" can be found all over the internet, it's primary ingredient is Chlorine. Chlorine is extremely toxic for humans and the environment, you can read more about the effects of these chemicals by viewing the U.S Governments reports for these chemicals.

As a result of Chris starting the RCIA forum we we have seen an explosion of chemical cleaners all over Florida

Chris was aware of the damaging effects of chlorine way back in 1999 when he asked the question "Why does chlorine kill plant???" the question was answered by Karl J, Roberts Ph.D. Associate professor of Biology at Prince George's Community College. The full answer can be viewed at.

You would think that given the professor's negative response to Chlorine that Chris would think twice about using it or recommending it to others, or at the very least consider some alternatives to chlorine. 

12 years later he is still promoting Chlorine soft washing and the RCIA has gone from being a marketing tool to a fully fledged Institute dedicated to Chlorine bleach washing. 

While some contractors on the forum do recognise the damaging effects of Chlorine and try to limit the environmental impact there are many unregulated contractors that simply do not care, we term those "Chlorine Cowboys".

The RCIA has been responsible for the explosion in chemical roof cleaning and this is one of the principal reasons why the industry has such a bad name. For years customers have been suffering from the death of their plants and the smell of Bleach in the air.

This was Chris's vision for the Industry a world dominated by Chlorine and the RCIA has proved to be an effective tool to spread the word. I have spoken with Chris on the RCIA forum and in defense of using chlorine he cites the shingle roof manufacturers association recomendations as a valid reason to continue using it.

I will cover the ARMA guidelines in Octobers article but needless to say the ARMA recommendations are a million miles away from what is really happening in the Industry.

The KC Group were one of the first companies in America to promote an environmentally safer alternative to Chlorine Bleach washing, the negative response from the RCIA was indicative of the mindset and culture of its members, to them if it wasn't Chlorine it wasn't worth looking at.

So what is so good about Chlorine, well if you look at it from an environmental point of view, nothing is the answer. It is highly toxic and is harmful to all living organisms including humans and plants. This is one of the reasons why chlorine soft washing has such a bad name it killed plants back in 1999 and it is still killing plants today. 

The RCIA is not a customer focused organisation it is an Industry organisation whose prinicipal aim is to promote Chlorine Bleach washing. The title of Institute does infer that there must be some credible science behind their ideas or philosophies but sadly there is no credible science to support chlorine roof cleaning as being environmentally safe.

This is the RCIA vision for the future.

Our vision for the Industry is radically different, the KC Group wants a state license for roof cleaning and state regulation to control what chemcials contractors can use. Put simply we want a greener future for the industry and for the public.

The Clean4life petition to implement a state license for roof cleaning has received over 4800 visits since it was raised in September last year. The QA Green Certification for roof cleaning is encouraging contractors to look at greener alternative cleaning methods.

If you think our vision of the future has merit then consider becoming green certified and I will show you how you can build and grow a green roof cleaning business.
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