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The Emerging "Green Economy"
How the QA™ Green Certification program aligns with current thinking

Since August 2010 clean4life have been running a campaign to raise awareness for the environmental effects of chemical roof cleaning in Florida. It is a little over 5 months since its official launch and over 2,400 people have visited the petition page with over half of these actually submitting the petition, this is a clear indication that there is public support for the campaign.

The public support for change is not being driven by the clean4life campaign, the campaign is merely responding to the publics growing awareness of green issues and the rapidly growing number of consumers who want to make more environmentally responsible decisions. 

Major sectors of U.S commerce and industry are already catering to the emerging green economy, designing and developing greener alternatives to current products. Car manufacturers are promoting environmentally safer hybrids or electric cars, energy providers are promoting the environmental benefits of renewable energy like wind and green alternative and virtually every other major company is including an environmental message in its advertizing.

The environment features heavily in the news every day, it is important to understand that these constant messages have an impact on how people think and the decisions that they make especially when it comes to buying products and services. Every environmental disaster adds weight to the idea that the environment affects us all and we should therefore ensure that we take as much care of it as possible. In some ways this is just about being responsible citizens.

In an effort to help contractors meet the needs of green consumers Clean4Life have recently launched their QA™ Green Certification Program, a merit based industry certification which is only awarded to companies who are sincere about promoting environmentally responsible cleaning solutions.

The benefits for florida residents will be significant, for the first time Florida residents will have a means of being able to choose a genuine green certified contractor from the Clean4life QA program. Customers will know that they are in safe hands when they choose a contractor from this list.

At this point in time there are no mechanisms in place for consumers to be able to distinguish between companies who claim to be green and those that are not. That is why it is important to set standards and procedures that maintain the integrity of the green label.

As customers become more educated about environmental issues they will be actively looking for companies that match their way of thinking. The QA™ program is a significant step forward for any business that understands the importance of green issues and is in a position to participate in the program. 

Visit the clean4life website for more information about the QA program.

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