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The primary goal of our green certification program is to petition for a state license for roof cleaning in Florida.

A state license will do two things, it will make roof cleaning a recognized profession and secondly it will help to counter the growing army of unregulated chlorine cowboys that have given the industry such a bad name over recent years.

A secondary goal of the clean4life campaign is to reduce the Industry's dependance on Chlorine in favor of more environmentally responsible alternatives. If this is done by state regulation it will make it harder for unlicensed and unregulated individuals to get chlorine. Secondly it will allow the Roof Cleaning Industry to re-launch and re-brand itself.

Re-launching the roof cleaning industry is an essential part of the process of moving the Industry forward. Consumers have had 12 years of Chlorine "soft washing" and it is clear that the public is ready for a change.

One of the ways that we can shift the public perception is to distance ourselves from the past. Prevention is a new approach and this gives us a new message to give to the public. In the P.R. campaign message we will admit the failings of the past and promote a better and more environmentally responsible future.

Over the coming months a P.R campaign for the QA Green Certification program for roof cleaning will be launched in the local and national press. It will be a hard hitting factually based campaign focusing on the negative aspects of Chlorine "Soft Washing" so be prepared. The campaign will lay the foundation for what is to come.

The aim of the campaign is to give consumers confidence in "Green" certification and make that the cornerstone for the Industry. Getting consumers back on our side is an important part of the process, without their support of the public the Industry cannot move forward.

At this point in time we have opposing sides of the argument about what is the best way to clean a roof and this is confusing for the public, they are constantly receiving mixed messages. The Industry must have a clear and cohesive approach that both sides of the industry can agree on and be engaged in.

Prevention gives us flexibility, we can choose from a variety of different solutions that will give customers the same result. The Industry can then be united with a strategy that benefits both contractors and the general public.

We understand that there are different ideas and methods employed by companies at present, our objective is not to limit those options but to have a broad an open approach that caters to both the chemical cleaning fraternity and the non chemical cleaning fraternity.

There is no right or wrong here there are just different ideas and opinions, our objective is to create a strategy that unites the industry and moves it forward for the benefit of the public and the environment. 

What we are proposing is a ground up overhaul of the industry, we are well aware that nobody likes change, but it is essential if we are to move the industry forward. Stay with what you know and eventually go out of business, or change with the times and prosper, the choice is yours.

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