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There are a few fundamental points that you need to understand in order to sell green roof cleaning effectively.

Firstly you must accept that the majority of people are anti-chemicals, when given a choice between having chemicals used on their property or not having chemicals used most will choose the latter option.

Chemical cleaning companies have a couple of specific selling points that they believe give them an advantage over non chemical cleaning and these are as follows.

1. That they do not have to get on the roof to clean it.

2. That they don't use high pressure.

3. That the roof stays clean longer with chemical cleaning.

These selling points can be easily countered using the following arguments

Point 1. Inform the client that it is a responsible policy to actually walk on the roof and give it a thorough inspection before starting the cleaning process. 

Any company that claims to be able to provide a thorough professional roof cleaning service without walking on the roof in my opinion is not worth hiring. We guarantee no tile breakages during the course of our works and this is backed up by photographic records before and after.

Our standard policy is to provide the customer with a pre-clean survey, if there are areas that require attention we discuss these with the client, maintenance services to repair or replace damaged tiles are provided. 

Point 2. Many chemical cleaning contractors use the fear of high pressure cleaning as an argument in favor of chemical cleaning, some contractors use the fear of water leaks as a reason to opt for chemical cleaning. You can win major points here by explaining how a roof is actually constructed, you can find details about roof construction in our monthly newsletters. If you handle the objection in this way clients will be impressed by your thorough knowledge and understanding and more likely, trust you to clean their roof as a result 

Remember most people are anti-chemicals so this objection is really not that difficult to overcome. Inform the client that the tile manufacturers themselves recommend pressure cleaning as the preferred method to clean their tiles, you can also add that nearly all tiles are made of concrete and can be pressure cleaned without any problems.

Point 3. Keeping tiled roofs clean long term using non chemical cleaning requires the use of a bio-barrier, this is applied after the cleaning process and will provide long term protection against roof algae. Adding a bio-barrier will allow you to compete head on with the claims of chemical roof cleaning companies.

If you keep these points in mind next time you have to quote against a chemical soft wash contractor you will be surprised how easy it is to win the sale.

The extra care and attention you are providing are value added services which will help in situations where you may be more expensive when bidding against chemical cleaning contractors.

The KC Group

Bradenton, Fl


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