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Understanding the difference, makes all the difference.

It is a sad fact the vast majority of roof cleaning contractors use toxic chemicals to clean roofs. Like a junky hooked on drugs the chemical roof cleaning Industry is hooked on Chlorine.

There will always be contractors that refuse to believe that there is any alternative to chlorine and this is exactly why they will never find one, because they are simply not looking.

Green roof cleaning works on the assumption that it is better to stop the algae growing than to allow the algae to grow and then clean it with toxic chemicals. 

There is nothing difficult to understand about that assumption but it requires a change in thinking and as we all know change is generally feared and not embraced.

In order for the Industry to move towards a greener and more environmentally responsible future I believe that contractors need to start focusing on prevention and not cure.

Our Bio-Foam Barrier is a preventative roof cleaning system that provides customers with a clean roof for life, The customer benefits as does the environment and we as the contractor benefit from being able to provide the service.

The roof algae Gloeocapsa Magma that cause the unsightly stains on roofs can be easily stopped from growing and if it is stopped from growing you wont have to pour toxic chemicals over customers roofs to clean it.

But that will put us out of business I hear you scream and that in some ways is true. It will put you out of the cleaning business and into the prevention business.

visit for more information on our preventative roof cleaning system.

visit the clean4life website to learn about the advantages of green certification.

The KC Group 941 448 4794

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