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Florida is an area of outstanding natural beauty but we are in danger of destroying the delicate eco systems that sustain life by allowing the unregulated and uncontrolled use of toxic chemicals for the purposes of roof cleaning. 

Pool maintenance contractors are required by law to have a State license because they use Chlorine and other caustic chemicals in controlled environments, so why is there no State license for roof cleaning contractors who are using even more dangerous toxic chemical mixes in the open environment?.

The chemical roof cleaning industry evolved out of the Pressure Cleaning industry, in Florida there is no State license category for Pressure Cleaning. The chemical mixes that contractors now use in place of Pressure Cleaning are highly toxic and extremely damaging to the environment and that is why is campaigning for state regulation of the Roof Cleaning Industry.

As there is no State License there is nothing preventing anyone from starting a roof cleaning business in Florida, it is this lack of control that has led to the proliferation of "Chlorine Cowboys" (Contractors that have little or no formal training, knowledge or skill in the handling and application of Toxic Roof Cleaning Chemicals).

What Chemicals Are Being Used To Clean Roofs In Florida ?

The majority of chemical roof cleaning contractors use Chlorine & Sodium Hydroxide, Borax and Tri-Sodium Phosphate in "No Pressure" or "Soft Wash" roof cleaning and 30-50+ gallons are generally required for the average 2,500sq ft home. 

In Florida this would equate to appx 3,500,000 Gallons of toxic chemicals being dumped into the ground every year. These homemade roof cleaning mixes will kill frogs and other small animals on contact, plants and lawns also die as a result of the unregulated use of these chemicals. 

There has never been any open debate or discussion at state level about the impact these chemicals are having on the environment and there are no guidelines coming from the county legislators. 

How The Industry "Sells" Chemical Cleaning

Terms like "Soft Washing" or "No Pressure" are used to describe the chemical cleaning process and it is sold as a "safer" alternative to pressure cleaning, safer for who? the contractors who have to wear full protective clothing and gas masks? safer for the customer who has to suffer from the the fact that these chemicals kill their plants? who are they kidding?. 

An even more alarming recent development is that contractors are now able to disguise the smell of chlorine with concentrated scents such as "Green Apples" so that the consumer will never know that chlorine is being used on their property.

Consumers attitudes and opinions are slowly shifting, more consumers are thinking "Green" but there is little or no chemical free alternative being offered to them. The reason for this? cheap and accessible chemicals such as Chlorine and Sodium Hydroxide are a fast and easy way to make money.

The simple truth in the debate of Pressure Cleaning vs Chemical Cleaning is that pressure cleaning is a dirty job, it's physically demanding and time consuming and it's a hard way to earn a living, a far easier and more profitable alternative is to dump Chlorine or Sodium Hydroxide on the roof and then walk away...same money,less time, minimal effort.

The sad part about this whole mess is that most homeowners have been misled into believing that chemicals are the only solution to the roof algae problem. The people responsible for spreading this propaganda are the very roof cleaning companies that rely on chemicals for their business. 

If you look at how a tiled roof is constructed you will find that pressure cleaning a tiled roof with water is a safe and effective method and one that is also completely harmless to surrounding vegetation and wildlife.

In my opinion the whole roof cleaning industry has been steered by lazy thinking and the lure of easy money, the side effects of unregulated large scale chemical dumping on the ecology and inhabitants of the local environment have never been considered.
The Winds Of Change

I do not believe that we can continue to ignore the accumulative effects of chemicals on our environment, I have spent considerable time researching a more effective, more environmentally responsible and more appropriate long term solution to the problem of roof algae control. BioFoam Barrier™ is our contribution to a better future and a healthier "Greener" environment.

I firmly believe we can transform the roof cleaning industry if we are prepared to campaign for change. The roof cleaning industry needs to be regulated and controlled, a State Licensing requirement should be the absolute minimum starting point. Contractors that are green should be encouraged to develop environmentally responsible chemical free roof cleaning solutions. 

Bio-Foam Barrier™ developed by the KC Group of Florida is a step towards a greener and safer future for Florida residents, its a step in the right direction and as they say "every journey starts with a single step".

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