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BioFoam Barrier™ is a completely new approach to roof cleaning, it is a safe Anti-Mold barrier coating that is designed to keep the black roof Algae "Gloeocapsa Magma" from growing on roofs. This preventative approach can keep your roof looking Clean 4 Life™.

BioFoam Barrier™ can be sprayed directly onto the roof surface, there is no danger to plants or lawns as there is no run-off or waste. Bio-Foam Barrier™ will carry on killing Mold & Algae spores for up to 2 years*. Bio Foam Barrier™ dries completely clear and does not alter or affect the outward appearance of the roof in any way." 

Prevention is better than cure

Bio-Foam Barrier™ is a preventative system which can be applied directly after the cleaning process or on roofs that have been recently cleaned. The Clean 4 Life™ system completely eliminates the need for regular Power Washing or Chemical Cleaning. 

To find out what CHEMICALS most "Soft Wash or Non Pressure" roof cleaning companies are using to clean your roof visit our industry news page. For answers to common questions about Bio-Foam Barrier visit our Q&A page

Our preventative approach to roof maintainance offers a safer and more cost effective way of maintaining a clean roof .

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